2013 Wedding Trends from Rooted Events

    Some people do not need an introduction on my blog and Danielle is one of them! Not only did I have the immense honor to shoot her wedding and in the process gain a friend, but we’ve also been growing our businesses together, and it’s amazing to see how far this lady has come! Danielle started wedding planning shortly after her own and now she implements her talents and creativity into many other weddings with Rooted Events. Today, I’m honored to have Danielle as my guest blogger!

    Hi! I’m Danielle from Rooted and I’m so honored to be your guest today! I love all things pretty but most of all sharing the joys and loves in life. There is nothing sweeter, nothing greater than bringing two people together who share an endless love. As, we all know with this love comes lots and lots of planning, late night pinning, budget managing, crafting, hair-pulling (okay maybe that’s just me) and finally after all the hard-work the most amazing day of your life happens. A WEDDING!
    Today, I’d like to share a little of what the 2013 wedding season is brining.


    1) Roaring 20’s are back in full force! Go raid grandma’s closet and pull out all her head pieces, red lip stick, nude dresses, dapper menswear and lace everything!

    2) Rent a dress. Yes, that’s right rent a dress and save! You can check out littleborroweddress (bridesmaid dresses) they will send you swatches and your bridesmaids can rent a dress at about a third of the cost. They will even send you two sizes in case one doesn’t fit.

    3) Invitations always set the tone for the event but we are seeing more and more brides splurge on pretty paper, and for good reason. These beauties tell guests, frame me I am art! Custom illustrations, letterpress beauties (some eye candy from Wenduink) and foil printing are just a few of this years trends. You can also expect a little taste of neon, classy neon that is and more brides ditching the flat card and going 3-D. Pocket folds, boxes and embellishments. It’s definitely the year of the invitations.

    4) 2013 is moving towards sophistication. We are seeing a lot of outdoor weddings with beautiful tents, chandleries, gold or silver chargers and crystal on tables. Black tie is all the rave! So strap on your ball gowns and get ready for a lovely evening.

    5) Green Weddings! We all saw it last year and this year it continues to spread like fire. Green favors and invites are the easiest way to incorporate green into your wedding planning. Seeds and organic plants are the go to for favors, and skip the wrapping just place these beauties on your guests seat or plate for a lovely presentation.

    Jump on board and start spreading the trends! Happy planning.


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    May 30, 2013



    Love it! I love her site as well. Beautiful, and good information 🙂