A black eye and a thousand plus stairs

    I was very much convinced of these two things being present when I woke up in the morning. First one being a black eye from my not so successful effort to block during an intense volleyball game. And second one, extremely soar legs from hiking up and down 46 flights of stairs after three hours of volleyball. “I thought you girls were fit, you play volleyball and all,” one of my friends jokingly commented while we were somewhere on the seventh flight of stairs. No worries Internet, that same friend informed us he’ll wait for us on the 10th floor just minutes later. The funny thing is that I woke with neither black eye or soar anything else and for a day or so I felt pretty good about myself and with no hard feeling against the person who dragged us up the wrong set of stairs . . . Until, well until this morning, when both my sister and I realized that its more than difficult to walk, sit or do any kind of extra movement. And in case you’re wondering if I.m exaggerating a bit, that part runs in every writer’s blood, because no one wants to read boring stories!!! And this is the part when I should be pronouncing just how much I reaaaally loooooove that one friend that dragged us to the top of our city and all the other people who kept me climbing stairs despite the obvious fatigue, but in this case I.m actually grateful! My friend James got us to the top of one of the tallest buildings in downtown because of his past connections and his persuasive charm, and watching the city drown below in the sea of flickering lights against the black canopy was one of the most amazing things ever. And we didn’t mind standing on the helicopter landing space while at it. This was something we’ve only dreamed of with Dinah in our ever going on search to admire our city from above, and to have it happen is more than exciting and so worth the thousand stairs. I would end with I would do it all over again, but perhaps I have to wait a week or two to make that confession. Until later world!


    July 23, 2013