A happy accident with a charm of Swiss Alps

    Remember this read? Like the book I said is coming along kind of hard? Oh how glad I am that my dad taught me to finish the tasks I start, because really this books has been my best friend these winter months!!! And the best thing yet was the last page of the book, which informed that there is a second book after this one! I had no idea this book had a companion, I bought it on accident, because I couldn’t quite remember the exact title of the book I was looking for, and since this one was the first recommended by Amazon and it cost me a little under two dollars, I bought it. When a 500 page book showed up on my doorstep, instead of the 100 page book I remember reading in Israel, I was a bit confused, but since I liked everything by Edith Shaeffer so far, this book did not disappoint. In fact if you ask Dinah, she’ll probably quote you some of it, since I updated her on my favorite parts, very frequently!

    With Love, Edith, was perfect for the winter months as it is set in the Swiss Alps with the first part of the book taking place in Champery, a tiny skiing village with its Swiss chalets, beautiful snowfalls and picturesque views. It even motivated me to try skiing after the whole Shaeffer family learned to ski for the first time. If you know me well enough, I bought the second part of this books, which is a collection of letters Edith sent to her family from Switzerland, and am checking the mail every five minutes to see if it arrived! Happy Monday world and happy reading!


    March 4, 2013