A Sunshine on Any Day

    Let me just start off by saying that this here is the luckiest kid on the planet! No, Really. I’ll never forget the 1000+ sticky notes that I found all over their entire house when my sister went into labor! There was a sticky note for what to eat, a sticky note for what to wear, what he sleep in, clothes for the hospital, the amount of milk he needs, the songs he likes to listen while he’s drinking it, and you name it! My sister really does go out of her way to make this little guy feel loved and cared for. And I would also add that he is the happiest! My sisters and I often ask just where did he get such amazing personality and that happiness that overflows this little guy. I still remember my older sister calling me and asking me if I know of any good Jeremy’s, since she’s planning to name her kid that. One of my close friends in Israel was Jeremy and although he pulled the most pranks on me ever, he also pulled me through that hard semester, and he is now a father of the most cutest blond boys ever, so yeah Jeremy is a good name! I can hardly believe that he turned two today and that he already has a younger brother. It seems like he just arrived yesterday, but our lives have not been the same. My sister often sends us videos of Jeremy chattering something away and we call it a daily dose of Jeremy. Every time my other nephew and niece (I sound as if I have 100 of them, it’s really only four, but that still makes me feel ancient) come over to my place they request to see a happy Jeremy video and then replay it for hours! That’s the effect Jeremy has on all of us and somehow he manages to also love all of us without having favorites. Dear Jeremy, you truly are a sunshine on any day, I don’t know what I did without you two years prior and I hope you’ll never loose your joy! Happy birthday Jemmmmmy!




    May 7, 2014



    I adore him! our happy baby

    Awe this is the sweetest birthday gift ever!!!! Thank you dear!!! Jeremy is one blessed guy to have aunt like you! Love all the pictures!