Band night stories and octaves

    Whoever invented octaves, let’s just say we are not friends. And for those of you who are not musically inclined, playing an octave on the piano is playing two notes with six keys in between, in other words quite a hand stretch right there! I found out a while ago that I can’t sing in octaves and still cringe every time I see octaves in my choir music, and same thing goes for piano. On Sunday night I got to play piano for our band and it happened to have a song with you guessed it, octaves! And to make it worse I had to start the song alone. In between watching the metronome, my iPad, and written notes, I lost it and played a wrong octave. I then remembered my sister’s advice to always think chords, but it was too late. Oh well, I sure hope my band leader gives me another try.

    On the other hand this morning I was working on my new Grieg piece and let’s just say unfortunately Grieg liked octaves, cause they are all over his sonata!!!! My muscles still feel strained after this morning’s practice. I guess I just have to live with it! And because posts are better with a picture, how about a video of my sister’s Violin/Piano recital from last week! Besides the fact that I sat in a bad spot and the violinist blocked the view of my sister, I’m very much fond of this Grieg piece. After weeks of hearing my sister practice her piano part, it was lovely to finally hear it together with the violin! Enjoy.

    May 5, 2014



    AHHHHH beautiful!! She plays so beautifully. We’ll have to practice singing octaves next time we’re together 🙂