My beginner mistake, and secret to success

    He looked at me with a smile and said in his reassuring voice “It’s ok, you’re only a beginner!” I wanted to shrink back from the screeching sound my viola made as the bow slid across the strings, but my teacher was right. It’s wonderful to expect great results, but I am just a beginner, with beginner sounds and habits that will need to be improved on after hours and hours of practice. Driving away from the lesson, I couldn’t help but think, that’s it’s not just music lessons, there are many areas in our lives, where we want to skip the beginner stage.

    If there was one big mistake I made in the beginning of my business, it’s just that! Not admitting, or more like not even realizing that I’m a beginner. With beginner mentality. Beginner business knowledge and so on. Perhaps it’s a shortfall of our adulthood, to think we got it. To think that growth applies to other people, but not us. Perhaps it’s also pride to think we can figure this out, boy I wish I met my mentors sooner. And even with my mentors at hand, I still remember times over coffee, where I thought I already know my way around in this business world.

    One of the quotes I’ll never forget from a mentor Sylvie Gil, has to do with just that! “If it takes ten years to become a doctor, why shouldn’t it take ten years to become a successful photographer?” Crazy enough, it’s the beginner questions that led me to my success as a photographer today. Don’t shy away from it, only good things come from embracing the early stages!
    Stay rich (in heart) and inspired!!!

    And since posts are better with a photo, here are two images I can’t get over. Canon 5D mark IV blew me away with its quality!

    Bubble Exit after church ceremony

    October 3, 2017