Being in two places at the same time, the day everything happened

    You know that feeling of being in two places at the same time and actually getting away with it? I can’t always relate to that myself, in fact not many of us can, but today reminded me of that one time I took Arabic at a junior college and went to bell choir practice at my church on the same night. The college and the place of the practice were 45 minutes away, and somehow I managed to attend part of the class, take my quizzes, pick up a few Arabic phrases and make it for most of the practice on the other side of town. I figured education wasn’t at stake, since I was done with my Bachelor’s and could finally be involved in other things, and the funny thing is, it all worked out very smoothly.

    Today was very similar, even if I would have planned it, it would not have worked out as smoothly as it did. Something in me wanted to write it all down to remember later. Maybe for the days I need some motivation to get things done. The morning started with an early rise and prepping my camera equipment for a shoot. Then a drive across the town to meet up with a friend. An hour walk along a scenic river path followed. A quick stop at my favorite bakery for breakfast and a short coffee date with another friend. A visit to the mall to pick up a pair of Toms for my sister. Quick Instagram shoot in the parking lot with some pretty light. Then another long drive across the town followed and an hour of photographs and hanging out with my sweetest blog reader Julia and her daughter Olivia. Before I knew it, I was in IKEA picking up yet another present for tonight and trying hard not to look around too much, before I would get another idea of redesigning my room. I arrived home just in time to see my college friend’s husband getting their son out of the car and walking to my front door, while my friend was already sitting comfortable in my living room, being entertained by my mother. They just happened to be driving from LA through my hometown on this same day. A quick lunch and a short stroll along memory lane from college days followed. Naomi and I met the first week of our college semester in So-Cal, and this tiny Sri Lankan girl has been the closest friend I could call a sister. I’ve never met her children, but it seemed like we bonded instantly too. Our short lunch was interrupted with me googling direction to the wedding rehearsal I had to attend; it just so happened to be much farther than I estimated. Next a scenic drive into the hills followed with my sister and I trying to catch up on the last weeks events. Then some taking in the views of the gorgeous venue for tomorrow’s wedding followed, with meeting of the family, making a few suggestions and of course admiring another scenic drive back. A Starbucks stop for a cup of coffee as a sign of appreciation for all that my sister is/does for me, plus another one for a cake I was imagining could somehow happen before 7pm. Next, separating egg yolks from egg whites, all while asking one nephew to please not touch my iPad so I could reference the recipe, and trying to rescue another nephew from any kitchen injuries, and at one time even having a niece glued to my hip, when my mother just needed to go do something. A trip to Target for cream cheese, layering the cake together, am I really on the road again? Made it just in time for the first volleyball game of the night. With five games in a row to follow and two very successful spikes! A drive over to my sister’s house. And finally watching the sky turn beautiful royal blue color right above the dancing flames of a fire pit with my friends hanging out all around it. Celebrating my younger sister’s birthday. Playing with my niece. Driving home to stay. I can’t believe today happened, and so smoothly. I did forget to sprinkle one of the layers of the cake with chocolate powder, but I hope no one noticed.

    Anthropologie dishes

    June 22, 2013



    I love days like this!!!! Good job 🙂

    wow, I feel pretty special being apart of your extremely busy day! 🙂 glad to read that it went so smoothly 😉

    Alison High Piergallini

    You are incredible.

    I’m worn out just reading what you did the positive energy’s addictive
    Ally’s dad, Malcolm