Fear, a sign post where you need to go . . .

    “Fear, a sign post where you need to go . . . ”

    Friday morning I attended a seminar on business profitability with a friend in appraisal business and along with this quote on fear, the presentation covered how by simply redirected your efforts to a few specific areas and making a few minor changes, a business can profit to a significant extent. I was reminded of many things that I already have heard or read in business books, and also challenged once again to implement them! The best thing about the workshop for me was meeting other business people in completely unrelated fields to wedding photography, people in finances, construction, vehicle wrap business out of all things . . . and seeing how the rules of business do not change based on business type. No matter what business you are in, business principles are the same for everyone. If you work hard, you will get results. If you put your clients first, you will profit. I wish I knew that when I started my business, but one thing that stands true, it’s never too late to start. And you start with following your fears! Doing the things that are not easy, but are the exact things that you need to be doing, which will push you forward no matter what you are trying to accomplish in life. If you wait for fear to go away, it will never happen. And once you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone, you’ll find that the hardest step was the first one, simply starting!

    And because posts are better with a photo, here’s a favorite shot of my from last month. Dinah and I went on a little adventure one Sunday afternoon and took this with an iPad while on a foot bridge. If you look carefully you can even find us in the photo ;).


    April 9, 2013



    Too good. A ton of good information packed in a short post. The photo is so cute I found you two cuties!!