Westing wedding in San Francisco planning.

    Planning a luxury wedding in San Francisco. No other venue is as incredible as a quintessential Westin ballroom. Luxury wedding experience in San Francisco is made even better with incredible city views from the 32nd floor. When choosing a wedding venue, our bride Kelly really valued experience. The Westin hotel wedding, was not only incredibly beautiful, but provided unforgettable views. The guests were escorted to the 32nd floor via elevators. And immediately greeted with champagne flutes to elevate their wedding experience.

    Additionally, we love the Westin for its central location in the Union square. Not only do the guests get to experience the iconic location of San Francisco. Also, the guests can ride the iconic cable car which stops right at the corner of Westin hotel and Post street. We especially love Christmas time wedding in the city, when the large Christmas tree of the Union Square is seen from the top floor of the hotel.

    Reserve the hotel via this link to book your Westin wedding San francsico.

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    Westin wedding in San Francisco.

    If you enjoy exploring cities on foot, the city wedding in the heart of San Francisco will provide you just that experience. Only steps away from shopping, entertainment and of course, catch the cable car to the other side of San Francisco. You will never forget the Westin wedding in San Francisco, not only because of its location, but also its beauty. Did you know, you can even take tours in the hotel lobby. Westin wedding in San Francisco isn’t compete without a tour of the old part of the hotel. Enjoy a sip at the famous Clock Bar right in the heart of the hotel. Did you know that an old Grand father clock is situated right outside the bar. Additionally, the lobby is absolutely stunning.

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