Good reads, life on repeat, and the pen I protect with my life

    “You’ve already read this book?” she asked me with a very puzzled look on her face. Fighting for my voice to be heard over the grinding of coffee and the multiple conversations going on all at once around us, I responded with, “Twice actually.” When another puzzled look followed, since no one in their right state of mind would read something they’ve already read, I ended my defense with, “I love this read; it’s been two years since I’ve read it and I’m keeping it, because down the road I will pick it up again!” Maybe I’m the only one to whom this mentality makes perfect sense, but why would I not read something I really enjoyed, kind of like watching the same movie which you know you are going to love, kind of like eating out at the same place you know is not going to disappoint, doing something you’ve done quite a few times, because you know it’s going to give you that pleasant thrill, and yes kind of like visiting a city you’ve ventured into a few times before, filled with memories, stories, and a bit of thrill from all the reminiscing. Perhaps I’m not alone now, am I? There’s a time to explore and try new things, it’s a must actually, but there’s always room for a second or third round of something you truly enjoy!

    And because I love my iPhone and IG, here are a few things I love captured in a photo. Fine point black pen I protect with my life, both Dina and I use the same pen and neither of us will sleep unless it’s returned by the end of the day, this IS a very close to truth statement. This leef USB drive is not mine, but I was so tempted to keep it, because weeeeell just maybe I’m a little obsessed with technology, especially when it’s packaged so beautifully, although I would like it in silver case and with an apple on it. 😉 And lastly, I love making cards and always want to carve out more time for doing just that!
    thank you

    August 13, 2013



    🙂 I have to have my zebra pen all the time!! And I agree I like reading books twice. There’s sometimes things that you forget and then remember again too!