Grateful . . .

    The night veiled over the hills of Menlo Park as I left from a wedding, watching the string lights hung above the reception area grow smaller behind me. Barely making out the dark path in front of me I remembered the flashlight that I still had in my car after camping last year. It would have been useful. Finally in my car I took the ramp to 280, a highway that has become very familiar to me with the frequent trips to Half Moon Bay. After driving for several miles on the winding road and finally making another drastic turn in the road, one of my favorite views unfolded in front of me . . . night time city scape of San Francisco. Looking at the city at night gives me one of the greatest pleasures. The myriads of small lights with building silhouettes against the black canopy of the sky have an unparalleled charm. Watching the lights grow dimmer with the distance I thought to myself, “I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I get to be a part of people’s most happiest day, capture most wonderful love stories with my camera, and make so many precious friendships in the process.” Making my way home just before midnight all the strength left me, but on the inside I couldn’t be more happier and grateful!

    June 28, 2011



    The couple has very good taste in cars 😉

    I agree! You’ve taken some amazing pictures!!

    Wow Yuliya, this picture is breathtaking! Love the way the light rays fall to the left of the image. Can’t wait for the whole wedding to be posted!