Hello Friday

    I guess I brought it upon myself this time again. It was cold aaaaand windy. The weather forecasted rain as the day before, but I was determined to make it happen and bear through any unwelcome discomfort. Maybe I should have remembered all of those other times I got sick, but I was so hoping to break the pattern this season. Despite the thick layer of clouds and no sunlight whatsoever I jumped into the pool. The next two days were perfect pool days, but I spent them indoors, because my body hates sudden temperature changes and I still have chills running across my back. Perhaps I should live in Bora Bora, or maybe I should try some other ways to build my immune system, besides trying the proven failed effort of swimming on cold days. On the other hand my wish for a day off came true. Not only did I have one, but now two days off, accompanied by reading a book on networking I so wanted to finish this week, drinking lots of tea and no sense of urgency to get anything done! While writing this I also got a hand written note from my high school friend Alex and she simply made my sick day that much sunnier! We reconnected in the beginning of this year after losing contact for quiet a few years and I’m so happy to have her back in my life! I’m off to my regular spot on the couch wrapped in a warm blanket and I hope you readers have a splendid day! Yours truly, Yuliya.


    May 10, 2013



    Lovely. Such a cute note. I am glad you were able to rest love. Thinking of you!