How to get back to a routine, life lessons and jobs on the go.

    Wondering how to get back to a routine? My job requires lots of trips out of town, meetings, planning sessions and sometimes even trips abroad. One thing I got extremely accustomed to is picking up where I left off and starting my routine all over. Easy you might say? Not so much. While my body does need rest after days on the road, sometimes the best way to get back to a routine is not by resting, but jumping right back to your usual activities. If it’s gym in the mornings, don’t miss it, just make it a lighter work out session. Office work to attend to? Tackle a few tasks and client emails and call it a day.

    For me it’s my music lessons. Who wants to go after no hours of practice? But something about taking it slow while still sticking to your appointments is therapeutic. I took Monday very slow. At the same time, after my viola lesson I told my teacher I’m so glad I came. The numbers of hours you spend catching up later is simply not worth it. Finally, if you have more tips on resuming a routine after a break? Please share in the comments.

    And because posts are better with a photo, how about Florence, Italy? Excited to be back in Italy end of this month!

    How to get back to a routine
    Florence, Italy

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    April 4, 2017