How to make the most of your retreat experience

March 12, 2013

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Every year retreats with my church tend to get better, or maybe I’ve just learned to make the most of them. So along with the photos here’s a list of ways to make the most of your retreat experience

. . . Carpool with a person who has a truck, for all the extra outfit changes
. . . Google the people you’re driving with, to smooth the what’s your major questions
. . . Follow the people you’re hanging out with on Instagram, in case they happen to ask if you are, over dinner
. . . Know the name of your lodge, comes in handy
. . . Don’t talk too loud in your room, your next door neighbors might be listening as you go over your outfit choices with your roommate
. . . Do not room next to musicians, they might be practicing when you’re trying to sleep
. . . Walk out of the bathroom slowly in case your next door neighbors happen to be “walking by” and scarring you unintentionally
. . . Do not refer to people by their first name, you’ll likely call them a wrong name
. . . Memorize your license plate, comes in handy
. . . Order a Caesar Salad, it will make the trip so much better
. . . Do not ask were you old questions
. . . Google synonyms for podium and polar ice cap, for a game of catchphrase
. . . Take caution when someone tells you the distance of a hike, you’ll be misled and on a trail half the day
. . . Carry a nice camera to a snow hike, no one will throw snowballs at you
. . . Stick to people with nice cameras in general, many great benefits included
. . . Pick room #3, best views on Tahoe
. . . Point out your cabin to people who plan to pay you back for a snowball fight, makes you sleep better at night
. . . Listen to Dina’s advice
. . . Take an extra pair of shoes and not just socks
. . . Drive through the tunnel, David has the best song for it
. . . Tell the driver to make a turn after they have missed it
. . . Drop your cellphone into the lake, you might impress someone and get a date
. . . Do not question the sugar diet of a person who’s trying to build muscle
. . . Do not ask people to take pictures of you, you might end up with pictures of them instead of you
. . . Skip the trip to Starbucks, you might end up without your debit card
. . . Do not mention skiing
. . . Remember the m words the preacher mentions
. . . Save the songs with highest notes for Sunday morning
. . . Pick the wedding photo in the game, your answers will get the most attention
. . . Be a part of band even if you don’t know how to play an instrument
. . . Don’t wear green
. . . Have fun

zephyr point conference center





zephyr point conference center


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I love photos with my sister! Thanks James
zephyr point conference center
zephyr point conference center

zephyr point conference center
zephyr point conference center

Hello I’m Yuliya’s favorite model!

Somebody was going for the funnies picture award!

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