How you know you have the best baking day . . .

March 7, 2013

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. . . the apples slide perfectly under the chef knife
. . . the pie mixture is ready for the oven, just when the timer for the last thing you baked goes off
. . . baking more than one thing happens naturally
. . . you have the exact ingredient instead of the substitute, first time using corn starch and not flour
. . . the dough taste unusually delicious 😉
. . . the ingredients you picked up at the store just incase you run out of something come in handy
. . . I had enough patience to measure out all the ingredients first before jumping into mixing
. . . the upside down pie flips perfectly onto the plate (without breaking it)
. . . a former bride emails you a recipe for delicious cookies while you are baking 😉
. . . another former bride Instagrams her baking progress, it’s always fun when you know someone else is baking too
. . . aaaaand you feel super accomplished, having done so much in one day!

Happy Thursday and Happy Baking, Yuliya

And because posts are better with a photo, here is one of the cookies my friend Monika’s mom baked for me!!! I have the best of friends, thank you Norma!