I Heart Lists

    I love lists. Not always, but for the most part lists have great benefits. They help me get through my workday much smoother, they help me to remember 101 things I want to do in that same day besides work, and there is nothing like the satisfaction of crossing off a task from the list! I’m sure you can relate to the last one. Instead of writing all my recent adventures, I thought I would list some things I did in the last few days, just to show how random and at the same time fun my life is nowadays. So here you go.

    Among many other things I:
    – Shot a wedding on the ocean front
    – Did an amazing pickup on the volleyball court, oh and it was totally legal too and my team scored
    – Saw a car burning on the side of the road
    – Altered/sewed/designed (not sure which word fits better) curtains for my sister’s new room
    – Photographed details on a vintage-gold table, to die for!
    – Received something pretty made out of burlap, photos to come in a bit
    – Made up a pizza recipe with pesto, prosciutto, and tomatoes topped with mozzarella . . . sometimes I surprise myself
    – Recreated Starbucks blueberry oat bars . . . delicious!
    – Read half a book in a parking lot
    – Received a necklace with a miniature camera from my bride as a gift, just blown away. Elizabeth, we were matched up in heaven for sure!
    – Had sushi with my beautiful friend Olesya
    – Washed mountains of dishes
    – Oh, and made this list!

    And because all of you reading looked first for a photo and then read the post, here are two pictures taken in my sister’s new room. I suggested to use this stepping ladder for books and flowers as a decoration and the next morning found this in my sister’s room. Love it! Let’s hope our brother-in-law does not need the ladder back any time soon ;).

    August 24, 2011



    I always loved the idea of a ladder just like that for a nightstand. So cute!