ID Photos, Chocolates and Awesome Mail

    “Do you want the one with your eyes closed?” the DMV clerk asked me when I accidentally walked away from the photo wall, because I couldn’t possible imagine it takes that long to take a picture!!! I was hoping for the one that didn’t have me in it at all, because really, when was the last time you heard someone rave about their passport or ID photo?

    After that experience I for sure thought I’m guaranteed to have one of those really bad ID photos that will haunt me for years, so you’d imagine my surprise when I got a letter from the DMV yesterday with a picture that, well, is a true reflection of me. Like the girl with the blue eyes actually looks like me (for my last photo my skin was so darkened by the sun that it bore no resemblance to me), aaaaaand I actually really like my photo, like I am proud to show it at the store now! I’m laughing writing this, but it’s true.

    Besides this awesome piece of mail in my inbox, my bride Teresa surprised me with a birthday gift of some of the best chocolate ever. It was so good that it didn’t last for more than 12 hours, and yes of course I shared (some of it) ;). And I believe I’m up for another trip to the DMV because the weight I entered for my updated driver’s license, ummmm that’s gotta go.

    Andy's Candy Chocolates

    July 23, 2014



    hehe you’re so cute! So glad you like your photo 🙂 Those chocolates look so yummy!

    Now I want to see your ID the next time I see you! 😉 Hope it’s been a fabulous birthday month so far and that you squeeze every last drop of celebration out of the last week of it! 😀