Personal × June 19, 2011

    Escaping my mind . . .

    My body was aching and eyes were barely open, but just imagining the cool breeze in my face and the serenity of nature made me get out bed this morning. "I am going too!" I informed my sister and dad ... READ MORE
    Travel × June 18, 2011

    One random Friday afternoon . . . in Jerusalem

    It was one of those days my college professor sent me to a private French library in Jerusalem to do research for him on ancient Syrian cities. I maximized my time there as long as I could, but it wa... READ MORE
    Photography × June 16, 2011

    Tips on Second Shooting

    Last Saturday I second shot another wedding with my friend Savannah and it was one of my favorites we did together. It was such a relaxed and fun day that we even had a few spare moments to chat abou... READ MORE
    Engagement × June 15, 2011

    Natalie & Paul Engagement

    He told her to bring him along too. She was seeing somebody else, yet he still dared to invite her for coffee. He kept asking her again whenever they would run into each other at social events, but ... READ MORE
    Personal × June 9, 2011

    Day Off

    Today was an official day off and it felt sooooo good. There was no email writing . . . or checking. No editing, no posting. Just a day of roaming around San Francisco and Sausalito with my younger... READ MORE
    Personal × June 4, 2011

    A Phone Call from Sinai

    I knew that day would come. The day when they would need my help once again. Last week I got a voicemail, which frightened me a bit. My friends' mom left me a voicemail and all I heard was Egypt, ... READ MORE