a thoughtful approach for stunning captures INSPIRED BY ART, STORY, AND THE POWER OF CONNECTION

    crafting artisanal keepsakes

    As an artist, I cannot help but be incredibly intentional about what and how I photograph your day. This is why, before I capture an image, I will intuitively stage things in my mind. I will pay attention to the smallest of details—so you don't have to. And I will direct you into natural-looking poses by encouraging you with simple prompts. As a result, you will receive classic, clean, and true-to-life images that capture your true features- and the best you.

    capturing true beauty

    I was born in Crimea but immigrated to the US with my family as a teenager. This influenced me in several ways, for which I am so grateful. I am well-traveled and speak several European languages. I learned to adapt and problem-solve from a very young age, but most importantly, I have a strong sense of gratitude for life. Meld that with my skills and passion for people, and you have the recipe for a photographer who genuinely appreciates your story, and will see and capture the true beauty within it.

    celebrating key relationships

    You'll find that I'll connect with you and bring an authentic and easy-going energy. And because I recognize the significance of this day and these images, you can be sure I will capture the unprompted emotions, spontaneous moments, and genuine excitement. Plus all of the cherished moments with the people you love.

    "She's great at giving direction and the photos are stunning. We were so impressed with her team and all of her different cameras and film types. And how natural she is at her job. She was so pleasant to work with and our families loved talking to her too. She's great at giving direction and the photos are stunning." -Kristina

    "She’s technical with her cameras but she sees beauty with her eyes. Yuliya’s energy is vibrant but she takes time to listen. She’s technical with her cameras but she sees beauty with her eyes. You want to be the bride that never forgets that moment, and there are many of those… her photographs will forever be treasured.​​​​​"- MARIAN

    Hello there

    "Hearts are prettier when they're thankful for what they've been given instead of wanting for what they have not."​ HAN ELAINE

    Early morning walks in new cities are romantic
    Stylish coffee shops make coffee taste better
    The skylines of New York and Chicago are worth all the sky miles
    Good days start with J.Crew blazers
    Amalfi Coast should be on everyone's list


    It has been non-stop joy to have her as our photographer. If I had to rate Yuliya's customer service skills, I’d say it was like the Ritz Carlton in Hawaii along the beach during a sunset with a glass of wine, salami, caviar, brie cheese w/ sourdough bread! Just perfect! JULIE

    "It seems simple and effortless but this is all Yuliya and her technique. She is a true artist. And her work is FLAWLESS, CLEAR, and BEAUTIFUL"-CARA