Life on the move

    It’s a strange feeling to have the ground underneath you move. No there is no earthquake in Sacramento, at least not yet, but my life feels a lot like on the move this week. That feeling you get when you arrive at the baggage claim and really hope that your luggage will not be missing. That uncertainty you get when you stand in line at the airport counter and hoping the guy in front of you did not just take the last seat on the plane. All of those seem too real these days. Oh, and there were real trips to the airport this week. My youngest sister was picked up from the airport . . . exciting. My mom was dropped off at the airport . . . NOT so exciting. My aunt has to undergo an emergency heart surgery, so I would appreciate if you keep her in your prayers.

    To add some excitement to my week, Dina decided to redo her room starting from the base coat, different paint and everything. Oh and me, she put to photographing her furniture and selling it on craigslist, she has the best ideas ever, of course. Lucky for her, I sold her futon in an hour and covered all her paint costs. That caused more than one celebration dance around our house. Good thing we don’t live on a second story of an apartment building. And if you’re interested the room is half painted.

    In the midst of the move feeling, I’m preparing my mind for a wedding this weekend and looking forward to my regular schedule next week. Editing. Blogging. Emailing. Post office runs. Some more emailing, and preparing for the next wedding. There is definitely a lot to be thankful for. My brides are amazing, the bestest for sure! My sister is a DIY champion. And my health . . . I couldn’t ask for better. I hope you can take some time this week and think about the people and the things you’re thankful for!

    And because posts are always better with a photo, how cool is this travel document holder I got for my mom?

    August 18, 2011