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February 11, 2016

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We might have looked like we were competing, but we were really excited about the new reads we listened to (since both of us love audible), and exchange book titles with a speed of a ping pong game. I finally got to catch up with one of my mentors on Monday and it was wonderful to talk about life, and travels, and books, but most importantly . . . change. I’m thankful for the many changes in my life, but most importantly the lessons I’ve learned over the last year that have really brought about change in me. I hardly believe it’s 2016 and also the sixth year of my wedding photography business, and since I’m a different person today, I think it’s time for a new about me section, a new trailer, and many more new exciting changes in business, in life, and in my heart. This is going to be long, but I promise I’ll make it up by a very short trailer ;). Meet Yuliya!

My amazing assistant Dina helped me film this yesterday and I loved putting it together the rest of the afternoon. Enjoy!

-I love technology and I love fashion, sometimes I don’t know which one more
-I lived in a library while attending college near a beach, and part of me still wants to be a college professor
-Some say I misuse coffee, because I take more pictures of it than I actually drink it, true story
-I always have an extra pair of shoes in the back of the car, just in case
-I’m not the best singer, yet I sing in a band at my church and they even let me play the piano, which is a dream come true
-I believe confidence is something you develop
-I believe it’s never too late for anything
-I talk when I’m in awkward situations, but then I talk in any situation
-I love working hard to make my clients smile and ease up in front of a camera and they always say they have fun at the shoots
-I love quick results, thus digital photography suits me perfectly
-I moved to the States before high school and can’t think of myself anything but a Californian with a love for all things European, my mother though, says it should be in reverse 😉
-Some say I bake the best Tiramisu
-I like to go on what some say the longest walks around town
-Sisters are a girl’s best friend and I have THREE and always ask my mother why she didn’t give me more 😉
-I’m a big city person and love spending vacations in NYC, and my weekends and workdays in San Francisco, but I always come back to my midtown coffee shops in Sacramento.
-I spent a year traveling and studying abroad in Israel where I picked up my love for photography, who would have thought that one day I’d be shooting beautiful weddings when I started with archaeological dig photos which included rocks and more rocks
-I believe in every person’s unique beauty and it is my job as a photographer to bring it out and make my subject feel confident of it
-I crave dessert ALWAYS and can eat breakfast for any meal of the day
-I learned to love being in front of the camera, and it reminds me what my clients feel like when I’m at work
-My favorite compliment is “What’s your major?” Who doesn’t like to feel 22?
-I created this list while attempting to go to bed early
-I was most likely an athlete in my other life, I’ve always dreamt to be on a sports team instead of life in a library, and I play volleyball and swim for pleasure, and of course, still dream of being amazing confident at skiing
-I’m still amazed I don’t get paid for talking, it comes so naturally to me
-Last year I planned my younger sister’s wedding and it changed my view of weddings. Now even more so, I seek to serve my clients to make their day a breeze, just wish I could wear gorgeous Adrianna Papell dresses to their weddings too!!!
-Life is a sweet and melancholy song, but there’s always a reason to be grateful

Yours truly, Yuliya

*Would love to hear something about you, so if you’ve read through the entire thing, please chime in on the comments below and I’m excited to hear your story.