Melancholic yet pleasant, and the reason I love rain

    Who would have thought that a typical day in May, in sunny California, could have rain in it? Frankly I didn’t believe the weather forecast until I felt the raindrops. As much as I’ve been basking in the warm summer days (the few weeks back when it was warm), my romance with rainy days revives with the first drops on the pavement. I may or may not have drove home from Roseville through West Sac today, because I couldn’t get enough of the pleasantness of driving in the rain at night (oh and if you’re not local, let’s just say that’s not really on the way). Today, reminded me of just why I couldn’t help but include a picture of umbrella on my about section on the Website. The serene state of a rainy day hits a melancholic yet pleasant note in my soul, which resonates with memories of childhood . . . of me jumping in every puddle and splashing my mom’s long rain coat on our walks (and yes of course I was in trouble, despite the fun) . . . the small pink umbrella I treasured beyond all else . . . running in the rain with my sisters on a hot August day with my navy summer dress fully drenched . . . the line of tiny frogs my sisters and I watched cross the road during the heavy rain on Nadia’s, my middle sister’s, birthday . . . the knee high water in our front yard from the heavy rains (to my height as a kid of course) . . . that one time dad picked me up from piano lessons on a bike and I held umbrella over both of us (hmm, that’s a great idea for a Father’s Day card) . . . the cold ice-textured November rain which felt like needles against my cheeks . . . and in case I didn’t mention, long walks under an umbrella. The rain still makes itself known through an occasional splash right outside my window as I’m writing this, and for today I’m thankful for the beautiful string of memories it revived for me and for giving me a reason to write.

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    May 27, 2013