Meredith + Richard: Los Gatos Engagement

    She caught his eye in high school, yet when time came for college, she wanted to move on. He followed her. The decision set him back a few years with his career, yet he got the girl of his dreams. Now it’s her turn to follow him, this time a little farther . . . to the other side of the country. Richard, you might have a few extra years of schooling, but with Meredith by your side, you’re going to do just that much better. I am so excited for you guys and can’t wait to capture your wedding in May! And Richard, I owe you for making you bring a suit in your luggage all the way from TN, but you guys looked stunning!

    You can find their full slideshow HERE

    This image has a hollywood movie vibe to it that I just looove!

    The formal shoot idea I got from Kae with Short and Sweet Design, and it worked out beautifully with the location. Thanks Kae!

    Gorgeous! I think you guys forgot to mention that you model on the side.

    A fav!

    Meredith you are so beautiful!


    Thank you guys for such a lovely day, see you soon!

    To see more photos of Meredith and Richard click HERE for a slideshow.

    April 6, 2011



    Beautiful pictures. Love this couple, very unique and happy. Love her ring, first time got a chance to see something modern with vintage twist. Great job Yulya.

    Formal pics are my favorite. Gives the feeling of princess and prince at ancient times with modern touch. Awesome work sis! Also beautiful couple.

    these are beautiful! so happy for meredith and richard – great work yuliya!

    The formal style turned out really cool. 😉 a good different to your usual engagement shoots. & i agree with Christina, the step ones are my favorite! Beautiful couple. Lovely work.

    We are both thrilled with how they turned out! Thanks for being so sweet… and awesome at taking pictures! : )
    Couldn’t be happier!

    LOVE the ones on the ancient ruin looking steps. so nice 🙂