Mondays, Fresh Starts and WordPress

February 25, 2013

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Mondays are best days ever, because they always carry fresh starts! But you already knew that. What you don’t know is that after many hours of breaking my head on Friday, some minor frustration, and lots of clicking and page refreshing on Saturday, I’m in final stages of creating my new blog!!! There was a point I thought I completely broke WordPress, no really, but after a quick email to my most amazing brother-in-law, the Web designer behind MagidEdit, which I use to operate my site, and Wishzilla, which I use to buy and get presents (most brilliant tool ever), I breathed a sign of relief, after all WordPress was alive! There are still portions of the theme I bought from ThemeForest, which I didn’t figure out yet, but overall, it’s the best facelift ever and for just $50! After paying for a custom Website, that price tag was the best news in the world! Makes me want to start ten more blogs, I kid, I kid!

After looking at 1000+ templates, no kidding, I narrowed down to six templates I liked, then in Photoshop, filled them in with my logo and pictures, to give me an idea of how it will look with my brand, and then ran my ideas by my brother. I was beyond thrilled when he mentioned he liked the one I happened to like, of course based on a very different criteria. He was looking for a responsive blog that would be mobile friendly and I was looking for a beautiful layout. I didn’t fully know if I could customize the template to my liking entirely, but because I needed to start somewhere, I bought it and thankful it is turning out to how I like it! Here’s a little sneak peek and yes it is already filled in with over 500 posts that I blogged in the last four years. I’m still trying to figure out the landing page options, but other than that it is almost ready to run! Happy Monday world and happy fresh starts! Cheers, Yuliya

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Oh, and since my own photographer for my head shots is very under credited . . . Dina Molitvenik takes all my pictures and yes I do believe she is the best in the world, because she delivers exactly what I want and actually even better!

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