Mother’s Day and Our Very Own Garden

    “Good thing you planned this walk,” my mom said and we laughed about all the dessert we were about to enjoy that day at our sister’s house. I don’t know if I have any amazing memories of Mother’s Day. May tends to be a very busy month in my family. Good busy of course. A couple of birthdays, a couple of anniversaries, so Mother’s Day tends to blend in with others. While yesterday we still ended up celebrating birthdays, nevertheless we made time for our mom and in the afternoon took her on a stroll of our favorite neighborhood in town. We toured a few gardens with the last one being our absolutely favorite, complete with a Greek colonnade pool, rows of delicate flowers, and a perfect artist studio room with a skylight above and paintings hanging below. The only regrets we had was of course our other two sisters not being able to join us.

    As we walked from garden to garden I thought about all the ways my mother has made this world a much better place for me. Although she has had little education and was never driven by her own life goals, she created an environment where my sisters and I had the potential to grow to whatever heights we wanted. It’s as if she planted a garden, cared for it and watered it and let the plants grow tall and strong under the sun. She created a home we all want to go to, where we will be accepted as we are, even if she may or may not approve of something wholeheartedly. This atmosphere for growth and a hopeful attitude about everyone around her, has served me immensely and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if not for my mother! Thank you mom!

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    May 12, 2014



    this was sweet. I love our mom!

    Could this be any sweeter!!?? Love, your Mom is so beautiful. I will never forget when she taught me how to make bread 🙂