My random recollections all thanks to chocolate

    What happens when you eat too much chocolate and all before noon? Let’s just say this is the fifth time I’m starting this blog post and I changed my mind about the content of this blog post a few times in the last few minutes. My sister asked me to pick up a cake for her this morning and since I couldn’t decided which one to get, the manager offered me a few samples of different chocolate cakes. And that’s when I realized trouble is coming. I don’t even like chocolate cakes and not only did the sampling leave me feeling a bit sick, but just maybe a little too hyper as well. I hope somehow, magically, my sister will start liking fruit cakes, at least that will guarantee me sampling something I like! And if you thought this post is going somewhere, it’s not.

    On the other hand, I could not wait to come home to my office today. After having a free Wednesday afternoon, I moved around furniture in my office, added something different and even cleaned the room. There may or may not be some chalk dust on the floor after a project I undertook, but I don’t count the floor as part of my room, so I still call the office clean! A few months ago I drew a picture of how I wanted my desk space to look, but with different projects going on, I could not allocate any time for redesigning. Plus I was struck again with the reality of how hard it is to start something. Thankfully I did and I love the final result. It’s not quite done according to my sketch, but I loving the different look of my space, the excitement it gives me from getting a seemingly big project done in a few short hours, and I finally want to work in this space!

    This morning I also got a chance to hang out with my friends and they have the most amazing and beautiful family and they also happen to live in a house with beautiful light! Of course some pictures were involved. I’ll leave you with these and I hope I don’t repeat a similar chocolate story any time soon!



    June 14, 2013



    so precious, and beautiful family!

    I loooooooove the last one 🙂 so adorable Yuliya!!

    I absolutely love the last one, so sweet!!!

    Just curious about the newborn’s gender. Pictures are great by the way.