Navigation, New Cities and Business Map

    Did you ever navigate in a new city without a map? One of my favorite things to do in any place is to try to get there without Siri’s help. I love maps and I’ll study it for a few minutes and will take off to where it is I want to go without navigation. In the last two weeks I’ve explored San Diego, St. Petersburg, and Tampa and it was always an adventure to find places on my own.
    There’s one thing that’s worse than getting lost though, is having a map of the wrong place and following navigation to a completely different destination. Siri frequently takes me to Dublin, Ireland, by the way, whenever I ask her for Dublin in the bay area.

    As much as I am good at using maps, having been self employed for almost eight years now, there’s one thing that I keep discovering about myself and that is, I frequently follow a wrong map in my business. I frequently deviate from a route when I know where I want to go, other times I’m just simply going without getting anywhere specific, and worse off, I think I’m going to one place and I’m using a map of a completely different city.

    Sitting on my flight back from Tampa, I had a blank moleskin page in front of me with 2017 written on it. I didn’t make much progress on it, because I don’t know where it is I want next year to go. Do I want all my Saturdays booked with weddings? Do I want to make it to my nephew’s baseball games on those same weekends? Do I want to just shoot a few larger weddings and take the rest of the time off to travel around Europe and photograph in exotic places?

    While those questions still remain unanswered, I’m happy that I started asking now, in August, and I don’t want to allow myself to follow a map that leads me to a wrong city! It’s ok if I don’t get the amount of work I want, but if I have a goal and do everything I can in my ability to achieve it, getting to the outskirts of NYC (my favorite city), is better than arriving in Denver (no hard feelings here, I’ve never been) and wondering where I steered off wrong. I’ll be sharing my progress here, but I’d love to hear what your goals are and if you can relate. Yours truly, Yuliya.

    And because posts are better with a photo, can it get any better than a bridesmaid champagne toast before the wedding?
    Marines memorial club wedding bridesmaids champagne toast

    September 1, 2016