New Year Photo Booth 2014

    I admit it, I don’t like number 4, period! I had to enter in my visa information to pay for something online today and I was just appalled at how many fours my account number had, if it was composed of all fours, it would at least be easy to remember! The number dislike is one of the reasons why it’s so hard for me to let go of 2013 and 13 also happens to be my favorite number, but you already knew that. I love fresh new starts, so I’m hoping this will override any complaints I have about the actual date. I’m difficult, I know.

    On the other hand, to celebrate 2014 here’s a sneak peek of some of my favorites from the photo booth this year! This is the fourth photo booth I participated in creating for my churches New Year’s party and something about its simplicity and the extra shininess makes me love it! You? Happy New Year world!

    Starting off with this sweet family! I just love them and they even did the photo booth twice 😉

    DIY Fabric Photo Booth

    These two are my favorite people ever, period!
    DIY Fabric Photo Booth
    My friend finally changed his status . . . I’m super thrilled for him 😉DIY Fabric Photo Booth This girl makes my world beautiful! I’m so thankful for her. DIY Fabric Photo Booth
    Myself, my two younger sisters, my troublemaker nephew and my Asian doll niece! Love them.
    DIY Fabric Photo Booth

    I just love to photobomb! Just giving my friends hints what they should name their daughter!DIY Fabric Photo Booth

    My nephew made my night! Just look at his expression ;), a true photo booth pro. And in case you liked the photo booth and especially the ornaments idea, thank my brother in law!
    DIY Fabric Photo Booth

    This cute family blesses me in so many ways! I love them!DIY Fabric Photo Booth
    Best photo award obviously goes to my photographer friend and his stunning wife! I have a feeling we’re stuck together for a lifetime, they’re amazing!
    DIY Fabric Photo Booth

    Obviously I like them, second round for Dima and Nadia. DIY Fabric Photo Booth

    Hello beautiful girlfriends!DIY Fabric Photo Booth

    Camera evolution, I prefer my Android 4s ;). Thank you to my friend James for setting up the flash for the photo booth and for staying until the very end to get everyone’s photo in!
    DIY Fabric Photo Booth

    Sweethearts and true victorians!DIY Fabric Photo Booth Happy New Year from yours truly!

    DIY Fabric Photo Booth

    See last year’s photo booth here

    Get your photo HERE

    January 5, 2014



    I loved it! Thank you for your hard work 🙂 and yes I’m very thankful for you too

    these are great and so fun! thank you Yuliya! 😉