Packing, Tahoe, and the one person always on my list

    Every year sometime in March, usually during daylight savings weekend, I join my church for a retreat somewhere in the pretty parts of California. The last few years we’ve ventured into the tall Redwoods near Bodega Bay, and this year we’re heading up into the mountains to one of my favorite places ever, Lake Tahoe. I may or may not be almost packed for the trip already, because I simply can’t wait and also because I have to squeeze in a bay area trip between today and the weekend and a few hours of baking. 😉 Sadly, my younger sister who is the most amazing packer does not live under the same roof with me, but around the time she moved out I made a packing list for any overnight occasions including camps and retreats, and I love packing ever since. The best thing about the list are the extra notes at the bottom filled with memories and little details I wouldn’t have remembered. And the last thing on all my lists is . . . Dina! During college when I used to travel a lot I would ask Dina if I’m forgetting anything and she would always say, yes you forgot one thing, ME!!! Ever since I add her to the list and even if I can’t take her along, at least I have a proof that she is part of my plans. One other thing we always want to bring is a cello. How cool would it be to take a picture of Dina playing the cello on a snow-covered dock on the lake? But since not too many people share our passion, we’ve yet to take it along with us. I wish it was Friday already and I’m also super excited to go back to Lake Tahoe in June to shoot a wedding! Happy Tuesday world!


    March 5, 2013



    Thanks Candace, nope they are not, it’s a singles crowd 😉

    You’re so organized! Nice job! Have fun in Tahoe! I wonder if our cousins are going.