Quotable Thursday

February 27, 2013

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“Thank God for the grace in your life and thank God for the grace in other’s life . . . if God gave something to the other person, wouldn’t He do the same for me?” I sat there on Sunday night listening to my pastor talking about being content with what you have, and at the same time using the times you see someone else get what you want as an opportunity to thank God and to reassure yourself that He can do the same for you in his timing. In the midst, I was reminded of how I’ve slacked off exercising my gratitude muscle. My circumstances haven’t changed much since the last few months, but by forsaking gratitude, I’ve grown more concerned about things, less thankful, and more focused on what I don’t have.

This quote immediately jumped out at me from Today We are Rich by Tim Sanders, “Gratitude is a muscle, not a feeling!” I have to practice gratitude, have to be in a habit of noticing all the beautiful things in my life, rather than longing for those things I don’t have. “The ultimate benefit of gratitude,” Sanders continues, “is that it gives you the freedom to frame your entire life as an exciting adventure, regardless of your circumstances.” And this the healthy outlook, the thankful attitude, and an exciting adventure is exactly what I’ve fought for (you can read my story here) and I need to build up my gratitude muscle not to lose the sight of it again. Happy Thursday, Yuliya