Quotable Thursday: Do Hard Things

    “Never trying is a lot worse than losing”
    “All effort-even failed effort-produces muscle”
    “Comfort zone is actually a miserable place”
    “Fear is the fence that keeps us stuck in our comfort zones”
    “The worst thing is to never try at all”

    My quotable Thursday series usually highlights one quote at a time from a recent read, but I couldn’t help but include ALL of these excerpts, because they are like nuggets of gold that have been pushing me to do really really hard things the last three weeks. My high school friend told me about this book, which is written for young people, but is just as relevant to all of our society and at any age! I bought Do Hard Things a few days after our conversation and was glued to my iPad until I finished this short and practical read!

    As the title gives itself away, this book is about doing hard things and doing the things that are hard for you! Staying in our comfort zones will never bring great results and it’s always the first step that’s the hardest to take. The last few weeks I have been moving mountains of work through my office, these big projects I have put off for my employees (I kid I kid, I don’t have regular employees except for the day of the wedding, but a girl can dream), and now I can freely move on to the new ones!!! I’ve also been doing the one thing that’s really really hard for me like asking. Asking requires a lot of humility, because you’re admitting out loud that you need others, you cannot do it without their help. Once I did just that, admitted I need help, things magically started to move and people have been helping me with a whirlwind. This book has really kept me on my toes to keep doing hard things and to break the many complacency patterns I’ve developed in my life. There are no shortcuts in life (I believe I blogged about this before) ;), and if I want change and growth, I have to get past my fears, I have to take on bigger risks, and I have to keep asking. Do what’s hard for you! Happy Thursday, Yuliya


    May 2, 2013