Quotable Thursday: Love is the Killer App

January 18, 2013

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If I could be represented as a tree, I would be an idea tree, because really, I have more ideas than anyone should possibly have in their head. At this point you are probably very thankful you are not related to me, but then if you were . . . you would get to hear a new idea like every ten minutes, your loss I say ;). Sometime last year I came up with an idea of blogging my favorite book quotes and asked Dina if she likes the idea. I would blog it I told her, call it Quotable Thursday series, and perhaps encourage others to read books and pass along some inspiration. She liked it, so here it is on the blog. If you have a better suggestion than the name I chose, please share in the comment field, because this blog is very much about you as it is about me!!! Having said that, welcome to the very first Quotable Thursday, the quote for today is

“Readers are leaders” – Tim Sanders

Tim’s book Love is the Killer App has really encouraged me to read books. We often dismiss books when it comes to building a business, but the knowledge you get from books is priceless. I hope to highlight this book in the future again, since really it has lots of gem quotes!

Happy Thursday,

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