Quotes that get me through the week

    I once read somewhere that you should surround your workspace with good quotes to motivate you when you work. Some weeks I feel like I make it only because of someone sharing a good quote that keeps me going. Entrepreneurial life rests so heavily on self motivation, but trust me, after reading others’ success stories (not yours), after hearing how someone else landed a $25K contract job (good things happen to others and not me), and on and on, it’s easy to get discouraged and repeat statements in parenthesis to yourself. Nothing kills motivation faster than thoughts like that, so feeding your mind good things is extremely healthy and can take you out of a nasty trap. Last week wasn’t easy for me, but I’m sure many can relate to that no matter what industry you are in, but here are a few great quotes that helped me and I hope will help you too!

    “Done is better than perfect.” I saw this on Lara Casey’s Instagram feed and it made me celebrate the many things I got done last week!

    “Inspiration exists but it has to find you working” by Picasso, (. . . I think by Picasso, heard it too many times to know who said it now). When it’s hard, just start working on something and your mind might get fueled by ideas you didn’t know before you began the project.

    “If you don’t stop and question your routine, you will get overwhelmed” this one is definitely a paraphrase from Do More Better book I listened to last week, and the author wasn’t even quoting himself. If you’re like me, you’re probably going from “to do list” to “to do list,” and if you’re running a business, I get it, we have to do EVERYTHING ourselves, so when I read this quote last week, I stopped and questioned my routine. Gosh it saved me from so many unnecessary tasks and lists that frankly didn’t need to be done to succeed that week.

    *If you have some awesome quotes that got you through recently, please share in the comments field, because sharing is really caring! 😉

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    February 15, 2016



    That’s a great one and very true “Done is better than perfect”, one of my favorites is written in 1 Corinthians 10:31