Returning the Rhythm of Life

    Ever have one of these personality disorders moments? Like you’re one person in a minute and then you’re just the opposite of what you were a few minutes back. I closed my Facebook page with a message from my friend photographer who said “. . . always the optimist, you are.” That’s exactly who I describe myself as, especially when it comes to believing in other people and inspiring them, but not always when it comes to my own ventures. Maybe we’re all like that. It’s easy to, or easier to believe that it will work out for the other person, but for you, maybe not so much. Not long after I read that comment, I complained, out loud to my sister, well . . . about me! In that moment everyone else’s situation seemed better than mine. I was the one overwhelmed, I was the one not listened to, I was the one without friends, I was the one without an exciting future to look forward to. Whatever happened to the optimist???

    While driving away from home so I could get a change of scenery after a whole day spent at my Mac, a few thoughts came to my mind. The first one, “Being bummed out is completely selfish!” So true. “You at least have some of what you wanted in life today . . .” more true than I could ask for (Tim Sanders). Aaaand . . . I wasn’t doing much to change the situation. Yes, maybe in that moment life seemed bad, yet I don’t have to agree to the assessment of where I’m at, I can work towards changing it!

    I looked up to see “Returning the Rhythm of Life . . .” billboard, or something close to that, I was driving after all. And then I remembered just how good everything seemed last week, and the week before and you guessed it, the week before too. My rhythm of life is the one of looking for small victories to celebrate and I just had to get back to it. And the moments I get selfish, I need to repent of and remember all that I have to be thankful for in life!

    And because posts are better with a photo, here’s one of a gorgeous couple from last weekend second shooting for Christopher Armstrong.

    Nevada City Wedding

    July 2, 2014



    Amazing words! Thank you for sharing 🙂 it is true we compare…”Comparison is the thief of joy.”-Theodore Roosevelt. I look up to you in so many ways!

    You should come over and spend more time with your nephew to whom you mean the world to and there’s someone else who prays for you every single day. Love you!

    Oh no! It sounds like you’re suffering a case of the pre-birthday blues (I always get them for some reason and ask myself all the same questions/gripes you pose above!). I am glad that after some reflection and a mini-pity party (which we’re all entitled to at times), you picked yourself back up with that same optimism and determination that your friends know you for!! Just know that you make beautiful things a reality every day with what you do and with your sunny attitude! Sending you hugs and wishes for a good holiday weekend, dear! xoxo