Seeing the good in not so good . . .

    I stared at the things laid out across the table for more than an hour. My planner, spiral notebook with all kind of writing and memos, my calendar, iPad with its overflowing inbox, my hand written goals with a pen that was obviously running out of ink in the process, all laid out on the dark polished wood table before me. After taking a two week break from regular work hours due to extreme busyness, then a sudden health failure from over-exhaustion, and whatever else was thrown on my plate, how do you gather yourself, and make sense of what’s important and needs to be done at the moment, and what can wait . . . and not just for two weeks, but maybe for some time. After another hour of writing, making lists, and reminding myself of my goals, not much was done, but everything inside of me rearranged itself on the shelves as if I never left. And then I remembered someone saying to me last week that sometimes when unexpected things happen and you’re pulled away from your business, you get a fresh perspective when you return, and this was definitely the case! It’s so easy to get caught up in doing things that you don’t even remember why you’re doing them to start with, and this break from work has served me in ways I couldn’t have produced on my own! As much as we tend to think we know what’s best for us, God knows better. We just need to learn to see the good in everything. Happy Monday world!

    And because posts are better with a photo, here’s Dinah’s amazing artwork. She drew this card of me sometime back, can’t believe I still haven’t shared it with the world!

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    September 30, 2013