Spring Break + Composer for a Sister + Late Night Parties

    Why all amazing ideas come late at night, I’m not sure, but when it comes to my sister and me hanging out late at night, we get this brilliant idea, whether realistic or not, and have the time of our life brainstorming how we will make it a reality! This week Dina is on Spring Break, and while my official job was to remind her that she has a break and doesn’t need to go to school at the pitch black of the morning, I’ve also managed to distract her with late night ideas!!!

    “Talking about cello….” she excitedly said, and picked up her instrument to play a quick melody line while we were both hanging out in her room. After hearing her play, we got this brilliant idea that we should play a piano and cello duet and off we went to the grand piano to make some “quiet” tunes and you guessed right, in the middle of the night. One thing led to another and before we were off to bed we recorded a trial run and spend the next day composing new parts to our song, Dina composing that is, and me asking her whether or not she has written the music down! 😉 I just love having a composer for a sister, comes in handy in times like this. Ages ago, a composer promised to write us this amazing arrangement of Joyful Joyful for four hand piano. He even played a few parts for us, and sadly he never finished the piece for us. I’m beyond thrilled that Dina can compose music herself today and we can have late night parties around the piano. Perhaps one day we’ll offer piano/cello duets for cocktail hours at weddings, but for now, we can dream up big ideas in our living room.

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    March 26, 2014



    beautiful idea, really loved you girls playing on Sunday 🙂

    This was a sweet read :)) You girls will be the next big hit if you do a duet! 🙂

    This has been such a fun Spring break so far! Late night parties with our instruments are the best!