Success stories. It wasn’t always like this.

    179K … Every time I see a number that high, I too cannot wrap my head around it. 12,567 likes on a photo gets me too. Are those real people???

    You can have two responses to other’s success, I pray you choose the one that will move you forward. Be inspired, take notes, learn, think of ways you can also build something unique, special, different. Know that it is possible because someone has done it too. The truth is, it wasn’t always like this. Everyone had to start somewhere.

    Believe it or not, I didn’t speak English when I went to high school and every paper I wrote I lengthened with a direct article! My poor the teacher of the English the class, had the blast reading the papers! That my friends, took a lot of effort to write. You should have seen the surprise and excitement on my face when as a senior in college a professor wrote on my paper, “brilliant work!” Oh, and the time another professor called me to his office to ask if he can give my paper to all the students to read. I thought I was in trouble 😉 and never in a thousand dreams a good writer.

    When I look at others’ success I tell myself that for them too, it wasn’t always like this. The stories of struggle, invisibility, hardship, were all present, but they kept going and so can you and I. Whatever it is you want to achieve, learn, be great at . . . it all can be mastered. No one was born with an Instagram account, with a camera around their neck, or created an amazing outfit as a teen. I hope this will inspire you to set some amazing 2017 goals or not to give up on your venture, whichever one comes first ;).

    Stay rich and inspired,


    San Francisco Wedding Photographer
    photo by Dina Serikov.

    January 7, 2017