Thankful for YOU

    You . . . I didn’t choose, couldn’t have chosen, you probably wouldn’t want me, I definitely don’t deserve, but am so so so thankful for! My dear family, I love you all so much, thank you for keeping me around.

    This year’s family photos went most successfully in the last three years, even though someone, no one we want to mention . . . was late, another someone . . . was even more late, someone had lots of practice shots . . . oh wait that was me and Dina. Yes, Dina always comes on time! Someone, no one we want to point out, thanked me it wasn’t a red wall again (bummer I really liked the wall from last year’s photos). Another someone mentioned that the background was actually nice (I pretend I didn’t hear that). One of the sister, can’t reveal her identity, as usual texted right before asking if anyone happens to have that one scarf she wants to borrow (we obviously can’t live without each other or without each others’ closets!). And another someone asked at the shoot if she can have the scarf the other sister is wearing (we obviously did not grow up)! Little Eva cried when we wanted a sisters only photo. Josiah showed his tongue in every single photo I took with him (I’m taking his Christmas present back!) But thankfully the tripod had nothing to complain about and we got some amazing shots!

    My oldest sis came on time, so she gets to be first, and she reads my blog, that’s another reason to be first! She will be a mother to two boys sometime in the Spring and I just love her patience with her kid, her sweetness and her character. She’s definitely a role model in my life. Her husband we call the one-man-band, he can do anything and everything. I especially appreciate his opera voice, chef skills and Web design, you do like my Website, right?

    Jeremy is the joy of our lives! He never complains, always smiles, even when sick, we think he might be a doctor, and his voice is the best medicine for any symptom.

    Everything has to be cute and perfect in this family, cause that’s how my sister is! She’s the one who looks most like me, so I take it her good looking kids got it from me (you’re very welcome). We were always mistaken for twins when growing up, we liked way too many similar things and as a result fought the most bitter fights. She’s the most amazing mother, has a B.A. in every subject, she really does know it all, and her kids can prove it by their knowledge of Greek. Her Japanese husband I can’t talk about, in the case I miss one of his amazing qualities, or the hundreds of things he’s really good at. He is definitely one of the most humble people I know and is the best pastor ever!


    My Janie and Jack nephew and niece do not need introduction! Eva is an Asian doll and Josiah is trying really hard to stay out of trouble, almost. Josiah is the first nephew and obviously is the love of my life!

    My sweet and gracious parents in the middle! They’ve been through a lot because of all of us, and they still love us, that’s grace!

    An intruder on the right, not really a family member!

    My youngest sister and my present day twin, Dina. She is a concert pianist (who doesn’t need a degree to prove it), an artist, my personal photographer, a baker (she makes the best scones and cheese danishes), and my sweet friend! I don’t know where I would be without her!

    Merry Christmas to my family!
    Yours truly, Yuliya

    December 20, 2013



    SUCH a beautiful family!! I love all of these so much, so precious.

    such a lovely family. love your unique mention of each family member, so sweet.

    Awe…how sweet!!! Thank you dear, we love you too;) and…can’t imagine our lives without such amazing photographer; sweet and caring friend, sister and auntie; one who can make anyone laugh at any occasion, one who should write a book because she’s so great in writing and I can go on and on, but I’ll leave it for an other post;)

    Beautiful pictures and the description, I think it’s one of the very best of your posts so far! At least from my personal perspective. 🙂 Merry Christmas and a happy New Year you guys!