The days I over think, the days I forget “to be you”

August 21, 2013

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With only ice left in the glass from my iced cappuccino with caramel, I sat there puzzled waiting for her to answer. Her lively personality quickly put me to ease and made the atmosphere appealing for asking hard questions. Yet instead of giving me an answer she kicked the question back into my lap, “Should you be doing that?” And that’s when the sun ray filled the room and the sweet coach sitting across from me nodded with a smile on her face and a gentle hint, that she can probably leave now, because I got the direction I needed!

I’ve been thinking maybe too hard about my business, who doesn’t want to be successful? Yet too often I forget the basics while trying to chase the harder concepts I think I really need to grasp at the moment. With all the extra avenues of creative work I have been exploring in the wedding industry, I over thought my audience, my out loud thoughts, and wondered whether or not I should be filtering what goes on the blog, how do I express myself, make myself relevant and lots of other things too hard to process for a Tuesday morning! After meeting up with my lovely friend Jenifer I was reminded once again of this priceless truth! And this is to keep it real and be you!

be yourself