The types of coffee shop goers and the time I fled for my life.

    Well it may be that I’m too tired looking up different furniture pieces for my room on the World Wide Web and need a good read, or it’s past my bedtime, or let’s just say it’s been a loooong day! Whatever the story, I stumbled upon an article about the types of people that come into a coffee shop and had the most amusing time reading it! I guess I’m guilty of being a novelist! I used to write a ton on my laptop at my favorite window spot, but now I try to only carry books with me. Last year I was a student losing my mind over an accounting class I signed up for, (for fun! . . . no college student believed my reasoning, but that’s another blog post.) I’ve met a handful of the guys who don’t come to coffee shops for coffee, I once literally ran out of the coffee shop when the guy got too creepy and demanded to see my hand. Back to my list . . . Fashionista-guilty, but then, when you’re self employed where else would you dress up. The coffee Instagrammer-guilty, but then latte art is my favorite thing to photograph. The person with no phone etiquette-not guilty, thankfully people text me more than call.

    My favorite time to go to a coffee shop is just when they open or on a laid back afternoon and I frequent the same one for a week or two until switching to another one. Ironically I get coffee not in the mornings, but the afternoons, and I definitely go for the atmosphere more than the coffee. What are you coffee shop habits?

    Sacramento Coffee Sh

    April 5, 2016