Those days . . . and todays . . .

    Sometimes I make a list of things I will regret that I didn’t do today and I just do those things, that’s exactly why I’m blogging this! Some days I work on those things that have a deadline, like today . . . just a little bit of pressure, that’s all! And then there are other days when you’re too tired and get nothing done, also happens to be today! Sometimes I have unrealistic expectation for myself and also get very little done, wait, I think I see a pattern, that also happens to be today. And in case I’m totally not making sense, it’s past my bedtime, clearly! On the other hand, I like writing about the days things just don’t work out. Days like these makes me extremely grateful for those days I work without breaks, energetically and not distracted. They make me cherish the simple things in life, the sweet hugs from my nephew Jeremy, the smiles from my Asian doll niece and the cute way she says, “pleeeeease”. Days like these remind me that other people need help too and it’s not all about you! Today I extended my typical five min trip to Trader Joe’s to eight, and spend a few min listening to my new friend John and his dilemma whether he should switch his major to marketing. I hope our conversation benefits him. And I’m sure a whole lot of other people around me have their struggles too, but instead of being consumed in mine, I need to listen and be a friend who cares. Let’s do this together, shall we! Yours truly, Yuliya.

    NYC Central Park

    October 16, 2013