Warm summer days at the pool, discovering my brand, and new Website

    The sun was high up in the sky warming the white sand colored pavement around the pool. All the lanes were taken so I sat on one of the white plastic chairs around the pool, waiting for my turn to feel the water against my sun-burned skin. With no book at hand, I leisurely sat there for a few minutes taking in the warm sunshine until I noticed something I’ve never connected before. For the past year that I’ve asked my brother-in-law to start working on my Website, I’ve been trying to find my brand, something that really speaks Yuliya, but to no avail. In my magazine ad clippings collection I’ve made to help find the perfect colors and themes for my brand, I’ve always kept a calendar photo of a bright orange boat docked in harbor against the backdrop of deep blue water and bright blue sky. I couldn’t nail why I liked it so much, well until this one summer afternoon by the pool when I noticed the bright orange top I wore daily to the pool, and the different shades of blue in my swimsuit and the pool water next to me. This, the warm sunshine, the bright colors, the different shades of blue of pool water, the strict lines of the pool lanes, and the pleasant feeling of summer, THIS was my brand, something very quintessentially me! I did my laps with much eagerness that day, because finally I knew which face my Website should take on, and what I want my prospective clients to feel when they land on my page. This discovery has helped me in creating the Website I loved, that felt like home to me, and if you notice a picture of pool water is on my homepage, including the orange and dark blue, and lots of other warm and happy watercolors! I hope this gave you a little glimpse of the behind the scenes on my Website and maybe will help you define your brand. Happy Tuesday and thank you for reading!

    Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 2.01.03 PM

    February 12, 2013