What to do on rainy days

November 29, 2012

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If you haven’t noticed, it’s been raining right outside my office window aaaaaaand . . . I love it! Rain however brings extra challenges. It makes it super hard to sit at my desk and do work when I can sit next to a FIREPLACE (heat producing one too with real flame) in a cozy chair. I also have a weaknesses for driving in the rain, walking under my umbrella, and sipping on a hot beverage at a coffee shop when it’s pouring outside. Where does answering email and being super productive fit in? I have yet to figure out. I had a feeling this wouldn’t be a blogging week when I saw the weather forecast, but since many of you are joining me by the fireplace and are desperate to read something, I blogged just for you. So here’s to another “What to do on rainy days” blog post! And while you’re sitting in a comfy chair, why not listen to some beautiful music, perfect for a lovely rainy day. My friend Monika and her husband are amazing musicians, I’m tempted to blog her videos all the time, maybe she’ll let me post some more ;).