What to Wear For Engagement Photos

September 5, 2016

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So frequently brides ask what to wear for engagement photos, so I’d love to offer some advice based on the feedback from my clients. If you all the sudden realize you have nothing to wear while looking at a closet full of clothes, you are not alone. I’m all about being a saver, but life’s special occasions call for unique pieces of clothing, so I treat engagement session with almost as much care as the wedding.

For one reason or another we feel in a different way when wearing a new piece of clothing, jewelry or accessory. Something new, brings a fresh kind of beauty, style, and confidence, and I too, always shop before a photo shoot for new headshots, or my annual family photos. If you’re wondering what to shop for, I suggest reading this article

Besides shopping, you can also rent! So many of my clients thanked me after the shoot for recommending Rent the Runway to them. I believe engagement shoot should be glamorous and something special, showing a different side of you. If you too love dressing up in something a bit extra, Rent the Runway is for you! They’ll give you dresses in two different sizes and even a first user discount. Love them!

If you have more tips, great articles or anything else, please share in the comments field! Happy Friday and have a glamours weekend! Yours truly, Yuliya

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