Why you want to be my roommate, gear talk, and my love for weddings

    “She’s already putting up wedding photos for inspiration on her wall???” a friend of mine exclaimed after storming into the room to congratulate my roommate on her engagement! I had a reputation in college for having quite a few roommates get engaged; not once my friends thought of creating a waiting list for those who could benefit from being my roommate. I remembered this story today while packing for a wedding and noticing my walls, desk space, and what not covered with wedding photos. I wonder what Whitney would say if she happened to storm into my room today! The funny thing is, those pictures on my roommate’s wall were put up by me, but since no one could understand why we shared the entire room and switched sides more than once, we never bothered to explain. Back to my room . . . by looking at my walls, I must really, really, reaaaaaally like weddings. They never get old to me and even after those hard days of working non stop and coming home barely alive, I want to do it all over again!

    Today my wedding preparation involved sowing my beloved camera bag, a Shootsac I’ve had for some years now and because I’ve been putting my camera in one of the pockets instead of a lens, I ripped one of the dividers! It’s all fixed now and I feel like I got a brand new bag. Rumors has it, they’ll be updating it again and perhaps I can get a new one someday. And talking about someday . . . I played around for an afternoon with a 5d mark iii and well . . that’s something very nice for a someday. I hope my rich uncle is reading this! Haha. Plus I’m checking out a new lens recommended by a friend of mine, Sigma 50mm 1.4, and for the price, durability and how light weight it is, it’s amazing. Although I’m still eyeing this one for its Macro capability! I have borrowed it so many times from a friend that I often start looking for it in my bag, because I’m so used to having it! And if I completely bored you with my gear talk, perhaps I’ll have something more interesting tomorrow. So now you have it, I’m a total wedding junky and a photo gear junky, and I’m beyond grateful to do what I love! Yours truly, Yuliya

    Wedding Photographer's room

    August 29, 2013