Working hard . . . painful yet beautiful

    What feeling am I waiting for? I was driving on New Year’s Eve and anticipating some feeling that wasn’t there. My mind traveled to the past few New Year’s Eves when I spend my whole Christmas break working on a photo booth for New Year’s party. Those days were long and hard, but there was a certain satisfaction present when I looked back. Maybe that’s the feeling I was missing? This year I was asked to create a very simple photo booth backdrop, something that will take a few minutes to tear down. It may or may not have takes us a few hours to get it set up, but as promised, it only took a few minutes to tear down! I loved the simple yet shimmery and radiant backdrop, but I missed that feeling of satisfaction from very hard labor!

    When I look back at this past year though, that satisfaction I was describing is present all over the place! Who doesn’t dream of easy and money making job without effort? I’m there with you. But this year I focused on working hard, because God loves hard work. The verse from Proverbs, “All hard work brings a profit” has really been a key for me. And even if I can’t trace all the results of the hard work, I’m thankful for the satisfying feeling from working hard. When I look back especially at those hard long days when I was so exhausted and still had to drive a few more hours after a job, or that one time when I had so little sleep, but had to get up and go shoot in the most freezing weather possible . . . I feel the reward for working hard and I’m thankful! Do I still shy away from hard toil and want an easy way out, you bet, but I’m writing this to remember how good it feels when you put in all of your efforts and sometimes even the precious hours of sleep to get that one thing done even if no one but you knows! Here’s to even better 2014!

    January 7, 2014