The Art of Business

    “If you could teach one subject what would it be?” We went around the room asking this question as an icebreaker at a small group yesterday and although, as you might have guessed, I could and would teach on many different subjects, (Middle Bronze Age anyone? I’ll spare you) but the first one that surfaced in my head was business! This might seem natural for a business owner, but if you would ask me this question even when I started my business, I would have never guessed this response! I started my business for my love of art and business was anything but art to me in itself. A few years later and I love working on my business, improving it, and making it beautiful, so that from the side it would look like one lovely piece of art complete with a set of handmade cards and personal care poured out upon each of my clients!

    One of the ways I do that now is by being a part of a networking group that helps me attain clarity in my business and yes, love the subject itself! Every last Friday of the month, I spend my morning with like minded individuals, and we brainstorm together, get coached and push each other to attain clarity in our business! This morning was another successful hour of dreaming big, networking and yes, using a digital white board. It doesn’t come with scented markers, but there’s no need to erase, since it never runs out of pages! Thanks to Eric Anderton and many others for the training and the needed push! Happy Friday world!

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    And in case you want homework how about picking up this read, the Advantage, and also this read I’ve been eying for some time, The EntreLeadership.

    March 28, 2014



    I’m so proud of you! Glad for our conversations about business. 🙂

    Great post Yuliya, when we started uLinkNetwork, it was important to be more than a referral group. We wanted business education to be a key part of our programs. We are fortunate to have leaders like Eric to facilitate these meetings.

    Yuliya, we had a great time this morning. Thanks for attending and contributing. Eric