You can look at a picture for a week and NEVER think of it again. You can also look at the picture for a second and think of it ALL YOUR LIFE. ― Joan Miro

    I don’t have a shiny story of how my photography journey began. I was born in Crimea to a family trying to make ends meet in a broken post-socialist economy. In my childhood I had white winters and mesmerizing fall foliage, but no place for dreams. I fell in love with photography not just because it allowed me to dream and grow, but also because of how it enriched me. I finally have something to give back to the world. And when we give, we truly live.

    I strive to tell each story with beauty and elegance. I constantly search for good light, from getting ready, to portraits, to the candlelit reception of your dinner. I am passionate about candid moments photographed artistically, and love capturing the real moments of our couples’ journeys. Over a decade of wedding, yet every love story still feels like the first one. To document your journey would be an honor. Send me a note below and let’s adventure together!

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    IN MY OPINION . . .

    Early morning walks in new cities are romantic
    Stylish coffee shops make coffee taste better
    The skylines of New York and Chicago are worth all the sky miles
    Good days start with J.Crew blazers
    Diamonds are a girl's best friend
    Amalfi Coast should be on everyone's list
    Continuous education complements every artist
    The world runs on cappuccinos


    "YULIYA captured the essence in a way I've never experienced before... " Renee + Matt

    “My husband and I are in agreement that Yuliya was THE BEST of our wedding vendors and her work is unparalleled to all other photographers we’ve ever experienced. Yuliya went above and beyond to deliver us not only amazing photos to last a lifetime, but incredibly personalized service.” Veronica + Patrick

    “Everything about how Yuliya interacts as a photographer is outstanding. She provides gentle guidance when needed while quietly capturing pure magic from the day. She captures the essence in a way I’ve never experienced before and we truly feel blessed we met and hired Yuliya”
    Renee + Matt

    “We were so moved by her photos and feel grateful for her work!” Michelle+ Matt

    “As a Bride I was extremely nervous right before the wedding. Yuliya was able to make me laugh. Keep me calm. Give me clear directions which helped produce the best pictures! She knew what to say, how to say it, and how to move my arm in place to give me the best possible figure! I can’t stop looking at these photos!” Cara + Marlon

    “Yuliya has by far surpassed my expectations for our wedding photos. She did exceptionally well with capturing moments that I was not able to be at and see. Her classic and exquisite style is everyone’s dream for their special day.” Dorina + Aleksey